Features of RPlus CRM

When we talk about feature of RPlus CRM first of all we should know the special features of RPlus CRM. There are some features unique and very useful features which are not available in the market. RPlus CRM has special features like

  • Work on multiple tabs
  • Autocomplete instead of dropdown
  • Quick Add instead of using master
  • Customize any module
  • Plugins like Internal chat, Activites

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Following are the features available in RPlus CRM



Sales and marketing management starts with budgeting module. In budgeting you can able to setup the goal of sales for a period. To boost the sales companies conduct campaigns. But without any analysis the company doesn't know from which campaign they are getting befit. And it is important that identifying the campaigns from which the leads are too low. To do the analysis RPlus CRM has a feature called Budgeting where you can configure what is the expected revenue from the particular campaign and what is the expected number of responses from that campaign. There are some graphical representation which are available in the home page itself shows the clear picture of what was expected and what we got against each compaign.

Campaign Analysis


Lead / Enquiry

Sales enters with lead or enquiry module. For any sales or service customer contact the company and enquires about a product or service. Once we get the enquiry detail then that should be added in enquiry page. To create a new Enquiry go to Enquiry on top menu and click on Add Enquiry in sub menu. If the lead is from an existing customer then you have to select the existing customer name, after selecting that it will automatically populates all the information related to that customer. If it is a new customer then no need to select the customer name enter the company name and proceed. After adding the enquiry you can find that in view enquiry. In view enquiry you can search the enquiry by Enquiry No,Campaign,Contact Person,Area,City,Sales Person. Also you can sort the data by any column If you want to add more search field then you can add from configuration. Export and Grid settings also available in the view page. Once the sales person found that this enquiry is related to their business then they convert it into Opportunity and they can Reject if the company is not interested in that enquiry.



When you convert Enquiry to Opportunity, if the enquiry is from a new customer then new client and contact will be created automatically. You do not need to add the client or contact information manually. When the enquiry is at Opportunity stage some one wants to know the status of the Enquiry then they can directly search in Enquiry page, no need to search in any other page. In opportunity page there is an option to maintain action or task done against the particular opportunity. Using this your superior will come to know that these all are the action taken against the opportunity. Also you can send multiple quotations against an opportunity. When you create Quotation you can add multiple product detail and you can take print out or save the enquiry pdf or email the quotation after saving it. When you create the revised quotation you don't need to create a new quotation again, just click on create quotation which will automatically gets the quotation information from the previous one and creates a new one with different quotation number. You just have to modify as you want. You can do internal chatting with you team to discuss about the particular enquiry.



You can find all the quotations in view quotation whatever you create from opportunity module. If you do not want to create quotation from opportunity you can directly create from add quotation. You can search for a quotation by Quotation number, Customer name, if you want you can add more search fields in configuration. You can also add activities against each quotation. If you want to communicate with your team against the particular quotation you can use Post / Comments option. Quotation pdf is customizable, you can change the company information, terms and conditions and watermark in settings module.



Once the quotation is approved by the customer in opportunity stage you can convert the opportunity to sales. You do not need to do the sales entry again, it will be automatically created when you convert. A new invoice pdf will be created and you can take print out of that invoice or you can email that to the customer or you can save as pdf. You can customize the fields like terms and conditions of invoice, company information and water mark in settings page. You can also create new invoice without creating quotation.


Customer and Contacts

You can manage customer information in Client module. Go to Client and click on Add Client to create a customer. Search option available for Client name, Landline number, Campaign, Sales Person, Reference, Designation, Email Id, Mobile Number, Contact Person, City, Area. We can add multiple contacts for each client in contact module. If you have customer or friends contact list in gmail, you can import those contacts by one click. To do that go to Import contact > click on gmail icon > enter login user id and password of your gmail account. After click on import it will import all the contacts from gmail and add it to contact list.


Email and Templates

RPlus CRM has a built in email option available in which you can send send email. Bcc is also available in email compose. There are two mail formats available, one is HTML(Default) and another one is Plain Text. In Email templates, you can setup mail format with attachment. This setup should be done only once. When you send email just select the template name which will populate the mail subject, body and attachment from the template. You do not need to enter those detail again, you can use this feature for sending company profile or product catalogs etc. In RPlus CRM you can also setup email signature for each mail in html and plain text format.


Document and Knowledge Sharing

To improve the team work it is important that the employees should be well trained and should have good knowledge. It is not required that everyone should be on same level in knowledge. But to do a team work with good knowledge and experience RPlus CRM provides an option that is Knowledge sharing through which you can share you knowledge or documents with your team. This will help you to reduce the training time to your team. Instead of explaining to the team, you can post the document in knowledge sharing and ask your team to go through that. Also you can post detail like problems and solutions, office rules and regulations, common documents, common photos etc.

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