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Sales and marketing is the heart of any business. Builinding relationship with customer starts from sales and marketing. Sales and marketing team will support the company to get new customers and order. If the company is not managing the team in a systematic way then we will not be able to see the growth of the company. So managing sales and marketing team is playing an important role of any company. CRM Software plays a good role to run the sales and marketing team in a systematic way. CRM is a software which will help the sales and marketing to work as a team as well as this will improve the productivity of the team.
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There are varies techniques to market a product. It might be Tele Calling or Campaign or Advertisment etc. Let it be any kind of marketing technique, it should be evaluated. Then only you will get a clear idea that this kind of marketing helps your business to improve. For example you have signed for a one year advertisement contract, and you got certain number of deals cloaed because of that advertisement. Finally you have to validate whether this advertisement was helpful or not. Then only you can go for the advertisement in the next year. So our CRM application helps you to manage below marketing modules.
  • Budgeting
  • Campaign
  • Tele Calling
  • Tele Calling Followups
  • Sales
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CRM Software for Sales and Marketing
Manage Your Customers
CRM Customer Management Once you got a customer it is important to maintain the customer and contact detail future reference. CRM Software will automatically create customer and multiple contact detail against customer when you convert the tele calling status to enquiry. Also it allows you to import the customer and contact details from various portal.
  • Manage Customer
  • Import Customer
  • Multiple Contacts Against Customer
  • Import Contacts
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Quotation Preparation
Normally preparing a quotation will take long time because we should know the product price first and then we have to calculate the tax according to the product. Then we have to describe the instructions or terms and conditions according to the customer. CRM Software considering all these points and created the quotation module as very simple. You just need to enter the list of products, tax and total amount will be automatically calculated. You can create quotation terms as template and you can use it while creating quotation.
  • Create Quotation
  • Automatic Revised Quotations
  • Custmized Quotation Format
  • Import Contacts
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CRM Software - Manage Quotation
CRM Software - Sales Management When you got PO or approval for the quotation you have sent, you can convert that quotation to Sales. If it is a verbal communication then you can directly enter the sales detail. It is very important to analyze the sales once in a month, so CRM Software provides facility to do a deep analisis on your sales by customer or date range etc.
  • Manage Your Sales
  • Convert Quotation to Sales
  • Sales Analisis
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Invoice and Billing
TAX invoice will be automatically generated when you convert the quotation to Invoice. Multiple payment can be made against each Invoice. CRM Software will help you to get the list of non-paid invoices, partially paid, analize cash flow.
  • Invoce Generation
  • Multiple Payments Against Invoice
  • Payment Reminder and Followups
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CRM Software - Invoice and Payments
Email and Document Sharing
CRM Software - Sales Email and Document Sharing Email templates can be created for company profile or product catalog and send to the custome immediately using our CRM Software. Also documents or knowledge can be shared with the team, this will improve the quality of team work.
  • Email
  • Email Templates
  • Share Documents
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